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Business Smart team is dedicated to the promotion of business and entrepreneurship. Our professional consultants are well experienced in the many fields of business development and finance. Our expertise is accompanying and assisting corporate and entrepreneurs in project daily management, as well as in significant business steps, such as: fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, split of business units, recovery plans and more.

Modern times generate a wealth of opportunities, as rapidly as technology progresses. Many ventures come into be each moment. Nevertheless, many of those ventures are confronted with daily struggle, as they are required to maneuver between budget constraints, the operational needs of the business, as well as its strategic development ones.

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Competition evermore intensifies and resources are limited. A high-level effective and multidisciplinary management is paramount. Nonetheless, the tools available to the business management and owners are limited and do render possible specialization in all fields of management. It seems that additional highly skilled personnel can be always helpful with regard to various specialized tasks in the corporate headquarters.

At this point, Business Smart gets into the picture by bringing a breadth of proficiencies in a myriad forms – from providing pinpoint consulting or assistance, to broad and long-term projects generating clear-cut economic added-value; according to specific customer requirements, as well as on an ongoing basis.

In process tasks:

CFO services
Business valuations
Advanced financial modeling in Excel
Business and financial consulting